Tulip’s apps saved 57% of training costs for Merck.


Tulip partnered with The Merck Group, a multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company to help train newly hired operators. Merck used easy-to-build IoT-enabled training apps to accelerate operator training for complex manufacturing assembly processes.




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Molsheim, France

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The Challenge

Assembly of Merck’s complex lab equipment requires highly skilled operators. Quality standards in the lab equipment market are tightly regulated which makes training critically important. New operator training relied on paper-based work instructions and required the trainer to directly supervise each trainee.

Paper-based training procedures were time-intensive, inconsistently followed, and difficult to monitor. Certifying a new operators took weeks of trainer’s and trainee’s time. Experienced operators were needed to directly supervise each step of the training process, which placed a huge burden on production resources.

The Results

Digital work instructions saved 57% on training costs

Tulip’s platform allowed engineers to create interactive training apps with step-by-step work instructions. Building the apps was easy. Engineers incorporated photos, videos and live stream sensor data to help guide new trainees.

Reduced training time by 92%

Furthermore, the Tulip apps enabled trainers to track and visualize trainees’ progress in real-time, making it easy to identify challenges as they were encountered and support continuous improvement of the process.

The Bottom Line

“Tulip let us take a purely paper-based system and automated it. Now, new trainees have access to the resources they need when they need it without having to rely on experienced operators.”

– Global Head of Advanced Analytics

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