At Operations Calling, Tulip’s annual conference, we announced Frontline Copilot™ to a group of Tulip users and industry leaders. Today, we are excited to talk more about this powerful set of AI tools that is coming to the Frontline Operations Platform.

What is Frontline Copilot?

Frontline Copilot™ uses Generative AI to help Tulip users do their jobs better, smarter, and faster. Operations, Engineers, and Leaders will be able to take advantage of Frontline Copilot™ to interact with the Tulip platform in new intuitive ways.

Why a Copilot? Why now? We’re approaching AI development while staying true to our core mission: empowering the people who drive operations to do their jobs faster.

"Frontline Copilot™ will help you do your job. From day one, Tulip hasn't automated away the humans, it's augmented and assisted them." - Mason Glidden, Head of Engineering, Tulip

With Frontline Copilot, teams will be able to:

  • Simplify development – Use Generative AI tools to easily build and design apps and widgets without code

  • Analyze data faster – Combine Generative AI with real-time production data to unlock more insights and ask questions about their data

  • Help frontline workers – Provide better tools for operators to chat with apps and get help diagnosing, searching, or learning to overcome any challenges they face

Platform-wide AI-powered capabilities

Over the next few months, we'll be rolling out AI capabilities and tools across the platform. Some of the first places Frontline Copilot™ will appear are:

  • Trigger Editor

  • Multilingual Apps

  • Custom Widgets

  • Tables and Analytics

  • Answer question from documents / data trigger action

    Extract information from text in a PDF, array of data or image by asking questions

  • Extract text from images trigger action

    Combine optical character recognition (OCR) with a natural language query to extract text from images

  • Translate Apps

    Automatically translate text with 29 supported languages

  • Custom Widgets Copilot

    Jumpstart custom widget development by creating basic widget code in HTML, CSS, and Javascript from a prompt

  • Data Insights Copilot

    Analyze your data and ask questions about Tulip Tables with a prompt later in 2023

  • and more…

    Frontline Copilot™ will appear across the Tulip platform in 2024 and beyond.

Chat with documents with AI Trigger Actions

Have 100s of documents? Need to find an answer fast? Frontline Copilot™ AI trigger actions augment operators with AI to give them the information they need, right at their fingertips. With just a few clicks, your operators can:

  • Answer questions about documents or data

  • Extract text from a document or image

  • Find references within an SOP or procedure

  • Translate text into a language of their choice

App builders can add AI functionality and logic directly to apps without any code or setup using the familiar Trigger Editor.

AI Trigger Actions are the first feature available now in the Frontline Copilot™ beta program.

Learn more about AI Trigger Actions →

Translate apps with AI in the click of a button

Tulip supports multilingual apps, to provide operators with an experience in their preferred language. Translations can now be added automatically with AI, reducing the time needed to create and add manual translations for languages.

This speeds up app deployment time and supports teams in 29 supported languages.

AI app translations are now available in the platform for users on Tulip Enterprise plans.

Learn more about app translations →

Extend apps with generated low-code widgets using the Frontline Copilot™ for Custom Widgets

Custom widgets are a low-code solution for creating custom components within Tulip apps to solve problems and further customize apps beyond the App Editor experience. They are a powerful tool, but require knowledge of programming languages and concepts.

Instead of struggling with the intricacies of code (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS), the Frontline Copilot™ takes on the role of a collaborative programmer. Its primary goal is to simplify the experience of creating advanced widgets, speeding up the development process and ultimately lowering the barrier to entry. Tulip app builders can create custom widgets with limited coding expertise and iterate from an AI-generated starting point.

Our team is hard at work developing the Frontline Copilot™ for Custom Widgets, and we're excited to share more with you soon.

See a preview of Frontline Copilot™ for Custom Widgets →

Explore your data and generate analytics with Frontline Copilot™ for Tables in Tulip

To bring the value of generative AI to engineers and executives who want to quickly analyze or understand their production data, we are bringing Frontline Copilot™ to Tulip Tables and Analytics.

Frontline Copilot™ for Tables is a powerful new way to interact with data in the platform. Users will be able to gain deeper insights into their tables and production data through a chatbot interface, and generate valuable analytics using simple language.

The chatbot interface allows users to effortlessly ask questions about their tables, from simple queries to more sophisticated data exploration. The Copilot's natural language processing capabilities enable it to understand user queries and provide timely, relevant responses. This new AI-powered functionality reduces the need for users to have extensive data analysis skills or rely on exporting data to external tools.

Frontline Copilot™ for Tables makes data exploration and analysis accessible to engineers, enabling them to make informed decisions based on real-time insights. By transforming raw production data into analytics, managers and executives can easily understand key trends, identify patterns, and uncover hidden opportunities or problems.

See how it works:

The future of frontline operations is now

Tulip customers can now sign up for our first beta of platform-native generative AI capabilities by contacting us at We are working hard to bring these features and more to users in the coming months. Teams around the world are providing feedback and informing our roadmap as we bring AI to every Tulip user.

We follow 4 principles when building Frontline Copilot™ to ensure that the AI tools we build always consider the security of our users' data and the reliability of our answers when used in production to support decisions:

  • Frontline Copilot™ is human-centric from the start: The AI tools we build are designed to augment the people on your team, not replace them.

  • I don't know is a better answer than something made up: If our AI models don't know the answers to your questions, we make sure they let you know, rather than responding with answers that may not be true.

  • Client data is isolated and protected: Our customers trust Tulip, and we make sure that when we build these AI services, we never compromise their data or share it with other customers.

  • Customer data is not stored by providers: We're building our AI offerings with Microsoft and AWS, our trusted cloud providers, and we'll make sure your data stays safe in your hands, as it should.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to enhance Frontline Copilot™ and the Frontline Operations platform, empowering users with innovative solutions and transforming the way engineers use data to optimize their operations.

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