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Streamline assembly and packaging with advanced kitting solutions

Whether you're tackling complex product assembly or managing high-variance packaging, establish a streamlined and efficient process with integrated kitting applications.

DMG Mori end users with Tulip

Say goodbye to inefficient and error-prone kitting processes

With Tulip, manufacturers can leverage digital work instructions and pick-to-light guidance to significantly reduce cycle times and enhance productivity. Integrations with back-end systems ensure that all materials and components are accounted for at every step of the kitting process.

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Redefine your kitting process with accuracy in mind

With Tulip, you can ensure precise material selection and reduce downtime, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy in high-variance packaging and assembly operations.

DMG Mori operator engaging with display device
  • Reduce Cycle Time

    Significantly decrease the time taken to complete orders by providing operators with the right instructions at the right time.

  • Improve Labor Productivity

    Enhance the productivity of your workforce with efficient material handling and routing adherence.

  • Minimize Handling Errors

    Reduce the volume of material delivery errors, preventing occurrences of missing materials and eliminating downtime related to kitting inaccuracies​​.

An easier way to digitize kitting processes

  • No-Code App Editor

    Create and adapt kitting applications without coding skills.

  • Dynamic Workflows

    Customize workflows to match your specific kitting needs.

  • Real-time Data Integration

    Seamlessly integrate kitting data with other systems for holistic tracking.

  • Visual Instructions

    Provide clear, visual guidance to operators for accurate assembly.

  • Material Tracking

    Keep track of inventory and material usage in real-time.

  • Performance Analytics

    Analyze kitting efficiency and areas for improvement.

Digitize your kitting processes with Tulip

Learn how you can digitize your workflows with apps that guide operators and collect real-time data.

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