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Non-Conformance Management

Streamline defect and nonconformance management

Track and manage defects and non-conformances – such as SOP deviations or missing data – from identification to resolution.

operator completing a quality step

Minimize the cost of defects and noncompliance

Save operator time by prompting them to report defects, SOP deviations, etc. in a standardized way with intuitive guidance and pre-configured dropdowns. Reduce the interruption to their work by integrating defect reporting into their work apps. Replace paper and messy handwriting with real-time defect digital logs that can be used to populate digital dashboards and inform process improvements.

Screenshot of a quality defect ticket with defect reporting app

Gain control of your operations

A lack of standardized processes and varying interpretations lead to inconsistencies in identifying and resolving quality issues and non-conformances. Resolve issues and continuously improve operations quickly by analyzing defect logs to identify trends and implementing corrective actions.

Engineer reviewing quality data to identify trends
  • Gain insights

    Populate real-time Pareto charts to visualize defects reasons to prioritize corrective actions.

  • Track resolutions

    Use defect logs to manage rework and track scrap costs. Log repairs and quality checks.

  • Ensure compliance

    Make sure that everything is documented correctly and capture e-signatures wherever needed.

An easier way to digitize operator workflows

  • No-Code App Editor

    Tailor app templates or build from the ground up to match your specific requirements without writing a single line of code.

  • Flexible Interfaces

    Access quality apps and dashboards seamlessly across machines, tablets, computers, and phones. Empower your workforce with consistent user experiences on any device.

  • GxP-Ready Platform

    Tulip supports highly regulated industries with GxP-ready features. Utilize eSignatures (21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11) and maintain auditable records for batches or products.

  • Governance & Change Management

    Flexible governance tools empower you to streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy. Tighten controls where needed for efficient operations.

  • Seamless Integrations

    Seamlessly integrate frontline nonconformance processes with your backend systems. Tulip harmonizes with your existing infrastructure for optimized workflow.

  • Fast & Easy Validation

    Save time with Tulip's pre-qualified platform. Every long-term support (LTS) version comes with detailed documentation, streamlining the validation process for your apps.

Drive quality by efficiently managing defects and non-conformances.

See why manufacturers trust Tulip to track defects and non-conformances from identification to disposition and rework.

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