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Production Tracking Software

Drive impactful decisions with real-time production data

Track production and gain real-time visibility with apps that collect data from the people, machines, and sensors throughout your operations. Visualize your data on dashboards and receive alerts to inform decision-making.


A smarter way to track and manage production

Tulip’s approach to production tracking enables manufacturers to capture data from operators as part of their everyday workflows and automate data collection across machines, sensors empowering supervisors with the real-time insights they need to make informed decisions.

production manager

Improve utilization and react quickly to solve issues in real-time

Enable operators to flag issues and down equipment and send alerts to the right individuals. Calculate cycle time and first-pass yield data for a complete picture of your operation’s productivity. Increase throughput by properly balancing work across stations.

  • Elevate productivity

    Uncover bottlenecks and opportunities to improve your operations with real-time data and alerts.

  • Create a digital audit trail

    Digitizing traceability helps managers understand who performed what task at what time.

  • Make data-driven decisions

    Resolve issues and be proactive based on actual data, not guesswork.

An easier way to monitor production

  • No-Code App Editor

    Create user-friendly and functional apps that improve production visibility, without writing any code. Start from scratch or customize an existing app template to fit your needs.

  • Flexible Interfaces

    Apps built with Tulip can be used on machines, tablets, computers, and phones. Enable powerful, consumer-grade user experiences for your workforce across devices.

  • Edge Connectivity

    Leverage native edge capabilities across your operations and seamlessly connect your machines, sensors, and smart tools.

  • Integrations With Your Existing Systems

    Connect your shop floor processes to your backend systems - Tulip is designed to integrate with your existing tech stack and infrastructure.

  • Visualize Operator Data

    Visualize your production data to track process times, machine performance, quality issues, and other key metrics to help inform real-time decision making.

  • GxP-Ready Platform

    Tulip is used to improve productivity across some of the most heavily regulated industries. Our platform comes validated and includes detailed documentation detailing every product change.

Improve your production tracking capabilities with Tulip

Learn how you can digitize your production processes and gain complete visibility across your operations with apps.

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