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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Manufacture high-quality products with streamlined compliance

  • Human-Centric Apps

    Guide operators and automate tedious tasks

  • Review-By-Exceptions

    Integrated systems aggregate data and speed up review cycles

  • Edge Connectivity

    Easily connect to devices, cameras, and machines

  • Simplified Compliance

    Use GxP-ready apps designed with quality and compliance in mind

  • Reduce Batch Variance

    Unique raw materials and unstandardized work practices make it difficult to keep processes controlled. Tulip offers media-rich, digital work instructions to eliminate batch-to-batch variability.

  • Adhere to Regulation Standards

    Tracking exceptions and adhering to regulations can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Streamline compliance and add regulation-compliant signatures at your most critical decisions points.

  • Simplify Quality Management

    Rigid QMS systems, unstandardized practices, and workforce fluctuations make it difficult to consistently deliver quality products. Eliminate errors with Tulip apps to manage equipment logbooks, Quality Events, CAPAs, digital system inventories, and more.

Electronic Batch Record

Streamline compliance with a right-the-first-time eBR

Go paperless to increase organization, accuracy, and productivity. By combining work instructions and automatic data capture with apps, you can ensure data is entered completely and accurately. Track workflows and enhance security with 21 CFR Part 11/Annex 11 compliant e-signatures.

Release batches faster with improved quality management

Gain control over your processes with a GxP-ready platform that streamlines quality in workflows.

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  • Review-by-exception

    Reduce long review times by highlighting entries not within specifications to focus review on only those items that need action.

  • Dashboards

    Visualize quality events and KPIs or any data important to your review cycles.

  • Guided protocols

    Ensure operators perform thorough line clearances and correctly weigh and dispense materials.

electronic batch record - audit trail

Consistently make the golden batch with improved traceability and genealogy

Automatically collect data from people, machines, and sensors to build audit trails for every step in your process. Gain insights from aggregated data to identify factors contributing to the golden batch.

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Guide and augment operators

Error-proof workflows with apps displaying media-rich work instructions that lead operators through complex tasks, including weigh and dispense, line clearance, and equipment cleaning. Augment operators with wearables to free their hands to focus on the job before them.

How to validate a composable platform

Reduce risk and validation efforts with a composable platform where apps can be configured to fit a specific purpose without customized software releases. The Tulip validation approach is simple:

Batch Processing application running in Tulip
  • Platform is qualified

    Documentation is provided for each release to ensure operational stability and functional reliability.

  • Build Apps

    Design risk control measures and define acceptance criteria for validation efforts as part of the app building process.

  • Execute

    Execute apps to demonstrate validation for intended use.

Screenshot - Weigh and Dispense

Get started with error-proofing your processes.

The Tulip Library has hundreds of apps to help you get started quickly to increase productivity, improve quality, and simplify compliance in your operations. Have a look at our digital History Record, Line Clearance, Quality Event Dashboard apps, and more.

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Case Study

Pharmaceutical company leveraged apps to reduce line changeover time from 14 days to 3.

See how digitizing SOPs for a complex equipment line changeover reduced errors and time to complete. As the operation progresses, applications automatically update and provide visibility on challenges and timelines.

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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