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Uncovering the best applications of innovative new technology such as machine learning, signal processing, and computer vision for frontline industries.

Democratizing Computer Vision Technology

A core Labs project is developing a no-code computer vision capability that can give real-time operator feedback while seamlessly mining data from human processes. We have created several detectors that work with off-the-shelf cameras.

Tulip vision capabilities

Improving Production with AI Insights and Advanced Analytics

Labs is working on several projects including using artificial intelligence to improve workflows for operations workers and using machine learning. We are also working on process mining with advanced analytics to help process engineers automate processes and gain insights for optimizing operations.

DMG MORI spindle assembly line

Enhancing Machine Monitoring with AI at the Edge

Labs is working with Tulip’s hardware team to incorporate AI and Machine Learning for anomaly detection at the edge and other potential use cases.

On-machine Tulip app with mobile app

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See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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