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Incorporate hyper-accurate spatial intelligence into your frontline operations systems

Tulip and ZeroKey integrated RTLS technology with Tulip apps for automating material arrival alerts and analyzing real-time material location data.

Tulip & ZeroKey

Tulip and ZeroKey are committed to enabling continuous improvement for engineers with the tools they need to build solutions that are agile and scalable. Tulip is the premier platform for companies looking to digitally transform their operations. Companies across industries can download configurable applications, and start connecting assets and digitizing processes without code or complex system integrations.

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Bringing millimeter hyper-accurate data into Tulip multiplies the value for customers with logic and insights straight from their environment.

Matthew Lowe CEO, and co-founder of ZeroKey

How We Work Together

  • Hyper-accurate material tracking

    Use ZeroKey's RTLS to track material arrivals at a cell and Tulip apps to visually indicate arrivals to operators.

  • Enhanced production visibility

    Capture data from across your operation and create automatic time studies to empower engineers without slowing down operators.

  • Real-time safety alerts

    Error-proof workflows with hyper-accurate material location data and visual feedback and to ensure operators stay out of harms way.

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip.

See how systems of connected apps enable agile operations.

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