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Go deeper with real-time insights beyond overall equipment effectiveness

Pair machine, device, and sensor data with operator performance metrics to gain real-time visibility beyond OEE: quality defect trends, downtime reasons, calibration needs, and more. Streamline production and augment your operators to boost overall equipment effectiveness.


Bring industrial equipment online to track and measure OEE

Tulip’s approach to OEE tracking enables manufacturers to enrich the data collected from machines with operator-entered context allowing manufacturers to monitor OEE more accurately and troubleshoot more efficiently.

OEE production dashboard

Get a snapshot of the health and performance of your machines

Create digital dashboards to visualize data from machines, sensors, and devices used across your operations. Track machine status, OEE, and other key production metrics at a glance.

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  • Machine Management

    Guide and monitor maintenance, changeovers, and job statuses with interactive digital apps for operators.

  • Real-Time Production Visibility

    Display dashboards across your operations with embedded machine, device, and performance data.

  • Prevent Downtime

    Detect anomalies by monitoring current and equipment vibrations. Get alerts from operators as soon as an issue arises.

An easier way to track and measure OEE

  • Edge Connectivity

    Leverage native edge capabilities across your operations and seamlessly connect your machines, sensors, and smart tools to Tulip.

  • Flexible Interfaces

    Apps built with Tulip can be used on machines, tablets, computers, and phones. Enable powerful, consumer-grade user experiences for your workforce across devices.

  • Custom Machine Monitoring Dashboards

    Build real-time dashboards with our no-code app builder. Calculate and display OEE and OPE, and show equipment status in easy-to-view layouts.

  • Node-RED

    Using Node-RED alongside Tulip’s edge devices enables you to connect to custom devices, sensors, and machine protocols.

  • Guided Maintenance Workflows

    Digitize operator workflows to streamline machine maintenance procedures and schedule regular maintenance checks.

  • Enterprise Security

    We protect your data with encryption, annual penetration testing, and more. Rest assured with best-in-class security and GxP features.

Improve your production tracking capabilities with Tulip

Learn how you can digitize your production processes and gain complete visibility across your operations with apps.

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