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Your operations are powered by people. Assist them with Tulip’s Frontline Copilot™.

Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform is augmented with Frontline Copilot™ – a set of AI tools for answering questions, exploring data, and creating your own manufacturing assistant.

Tulip app editor interface screenshot with highlighted AI features

Empower your team to build the tools they need

Tulip’s approach to Generative AI continues our focus on human-centric digital transformation and empowering frontline workers with powerful AI features.
  • Simplify development

    Create solutions to solve problems faster with AI-enabled no-code tools

  • Build your copilot

    Ask questions about documents and data in the interfaces where operators work

  • Help operators

    Streamline workflows with ML/AI models to inform decisions and understand large volumes of data

screenshot of a if this then that logic builder for frontline operations no code apps

Introducing AI Trigger Actions

Add AI to your Tulip apps to let operators ask questions about their PDF documents and SOPs, find references, or translate text.

A screenshot of a table with an AI chatbot in Tulip
Explore your data and generate analytics with Frontline Copilot™ for Tables in Tulip (Coming Soon)

"Frontline Copilot™ will help you do your job. From day one, Tulip hasn't automated away the humans, it's augmented and assisted them."

Mason Glidden Head of Engineering, Tulip

Where to find Frontline Copilot™ in Tulip

  • Frontline Copilot™ AI Triggers (Beta)

    AI-powered triggers that bring advanced AI tools to app logic without any code. Available in Beta.

  • Multilingual AI Translations

    Automatically translate apps into other languages for your workforce. Available for Enterprise plans.

  • Custom Widget Copilot

    An integrated Copilot within the Custom Widgets Editor that turns text inputs into HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Coming soon.

  • Generate Insights from Data

    Quickly query and visualize your production data in Tulip with the power of generative AI. Coming in 2024.

  • and more...

    The Tulip team is continuously working on ways to bring more native Generative AI and machine learning features to the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Generative AI?

    Generative AI refers to a type of artificial intelligence that is capable of creating new, original content or data. Unlike traditional AI models that are designed to recognize patterns or make predictions based on existing data, generative AI models can generate new data that has never been seen before.

  • What is Frontline Copilot™?

    Frontline Copilot™ is a collection of AI features that help Tulip users do their jobs better, smarter, and faster. The Frontline Copilot™ allows engineers and operators to interact with the Tulip platform in new ways, and will enable the rapid creation of custom analyses and dashboards, the power to chat with documents, and the ability to tap into advanced translation and classification capabilities natively within apps.

  • Can Tulip integrate with other AI services?

    Yes. Tulip provides a low-code connector framework that allows partners and customers to create reusable connectors to any AI service or product with a web-based API that is available today or that may become available in the future.

  • Are other ML/AI features coming to Tulip’s platform natively?

    They are already here. Forecasting in Analytics and Computer Vision with machine learning models are examples of current artificial intelligence features in the platform alongside the new Frontline Copilot™. We will continue to innovate new and improved platform capabilities that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to augment workers on the frontlines of manufacturing operations.