Make better decisions with data.

Ditch the clipboard and let no-code operations apps collect actionable insights for everyone in your organization.



Real-time shop floor data

Be ready to take action at all times. Know if you’re on target or adjustments need to be made with real-time analytics.

Production insights

Be in tune with your operation. See defect rates, progress against production targets, machine metrics, and more. All in real-time, from anywhere you need to be.

Powerful reporting

Customize and share analytics with your teams and within your organization. Print out or display key metrics for better communication across your enterprise.

Tulip Analytics Editor

Customize reports with ease.

Access anywhere

Secure cloud-based platform means you can monitor your operations analytics from anywhere.

Completely Configurable

Choose from a wide variety of visualizations and configure to your process’s specificities.

Dig deeper with real-time production insights.

Full Production Visibility

Gain full visibility into process efficiency, machine and team performance, and more.

Measure Improvement

Break down issues to find root causes and solutions. Iterate and measure improvement.

Team at Jabil looking at production data

“Before Tulip, it wasn’t practical to
conduct in-depth analysis to optimize every process. Now we have real-time insights that let us optimize even low volume production runs.

Quality Engineer, Jabil

Know how to improve every aspect of your facility.

Tulip Analytics provides visibility and clarity for all pillars of your operations – people, process, machines, and devices.

Operator performance

Better understand your operator productivity and performance. See cycle time, production metrics, and defects data to improve operator efficiency and effectiveness.

Machine monitoring

Take immediate action when a machine goes down or needs attention. Identify bottlenecks, decrease downtime, and improve efficiency of your entire factory.

Smart tools and IoT

Know exactly what tools were used and when throughout a process. Understand every aspect of your shop floor with an IoT connected facility.

Third-party system data

Bring in and visualize data from other systems and data sources. Have all of your frontline data in one easy-to-understand view.

Collect & analyze your frontline data today.

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