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Analytics & Tables

Make Better Decisions with Data

Collect and store data automatically in no-code Tulip tables, then leverage Analytics to create real-time dashboards and reporting.

Gain insights or add structure—in real-time

Build databases for collecting process data, standardizing information, supporting product traceability and more. Create configurable dashboards and reports for quicker, more informed decision-making.

Two men looking at a Tulip analytics graph on a screen
  • Real-Time Visibility

    Collect production data, and calculate KPIs across your facility

  • Configure Data Models

    Build flexible databases for endless use cases—without coding experience

  • Powerful Reporting

    See defect rates, production targets, machine data, and more

Machine configuration dashboard in Tulip

Create custom databases in Tulip without code

The use cases for Tables are endless - track material inventory, SKUs, defects, work orders, bills of materials, skills, tools, and material properties

Screenshot of analytics dashboard average step times by station

Centralize Data from Across Your Facility

Collect data from processes, people, machines, devices, and systems and aggregate that information into customizable tables.

Digital History Record app in Tulip

Streamline Documentation With Digital History Records

Pharma and Medical Devices rely on Tulip for digital logbooks, machine monitoring, and more in GxP Environments. Set up eSignatures, Authentication, and Data Governance.

  • Build dynamic workflows

    Visualize data from Tables in digital workflows. Combine work instructions and backend processes using logic.

  • Aggregate data from apps

    Create, update, and display records from apps, machines, and sensors. Analyze table data alongside app data.

  • Dynamic analysis

    Dynamically filter data being shown in the analysis based on a variable, table record, machine output and more.

  • Communicate with Tulip APIs

    Communicate with data in Tulip Tables from external systems with the Tulip API and Connectors.

  • Get started with prebuilt apps

    Teams around the world use Tulip apps in their operations. The Library makes it easy to hit the ground running.

  • Tulip Player

    Use the player to run your applications on any interface—from tablets on the frontlines to your mobile phone.

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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