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Maximize Machine Utilization Across Your Floor

  • Connect to All Your Machines

    Capture data from networked and stranded machines with edge devices, sensors, and operator input

  • Human-Centric Apps

    Automate tedious tasks and provide guidance to optimize operator performance

  • End-to-End Traceability

    Digitize history records and leverage edge connectivity to easily track a product’s genealogy

  • Agile App Editing

    Develop and iterate on solutions quickly with no-code

  • Employees ramping and upskilling

    Delivering training for new operators or upskilling existing operators can take up time and resources with paper documentation and information silos. With media-rich work instructions with Tulip, you can minimize production disruptions with engaging interfaces that error-proof processes. Update Tulip apps to quickly adapt to new equipment and processes as jobs and demand shift.

  • Lack of insights for improvements

    Not having the right data when you need to make important choices can lead to inefficiencies and downtime in your operation, which can lead to losses. Having dashboards and data collected in real time from the shop floor ensures that decisions are backed up with data that can help your team optimize utilization and processes.

  • Inconsistent maintenance

    Managing maintenance schedules and records accurately can become a daunting task. Spreadsheets, whiteboards, and point solutions can become difficult to manage and keep up to date. Managing maintenance and equipping operator with instructions and the ability to report maintenance issues helps teams reduce the burden of maintenance and the risk of missing critical tasks.

Maximize utilization

Monitor machines and workstation performance metrics in real time.
  • Machine and operator data

    Visualize contextual operator data with machine data for a holistic view beyond OEE

  • Connect all your equipment

    Connect networked and stranded equipment with common protocols, Node-RED, and edge sensors

  • Machine management

    Build apps for operators to monitor and guide maintenance, changeovers, and job status

Close skill gaps and improve performance with digital work instructions

Shorten training times, increase quality, and with work instruction apps that you can update and distribute remotely. Supporting your operators with media-rich instructions empowers them to produce more, high-quality products.

Gain visibility into your operations with a reliable genealogy and traceability system

Capture data about a part or work order as it moves across your production, creating an end-to-end view for traceability. Easily reference a product’s genealogy for root cause analysis and provide documentation for traceability requirements.

Mockup of Traceability and Genealogy Rotor Assembly Application

Case studies

  • Autodesk Technology Centers

    Autodesk Technology Centers, Boston

    At the Autodesk Technology Center, engineers unlocked equipment insights with simple sensors and machine learning.

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  • Operator at DMG Mori using work instructions app on tablet


    For each step in the assembly, DMG MORI embedded the schematics necessary for operators to correctly understand and execute their work.

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Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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