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Illustration of electronics manufacturing
Guide technicians with dynamic work instructions and capture product data seamlessly.
Dynamic Work Instructions

Electronics Manufacturing

Error-proof production, improve productivity and continuously improve.

  • Flexibility

    Apps that fit your process

  • Edge Connectivity

    Easily connect to devices, cameras, and machines

  • Tracking & Traceability

    Centralize data in flexible data structures

  • Built-in Analytics

    Powerful, real-time visibility

Screenshot of the Tulip Dynamic Work Instructions app

Error-Proof Assemblies and Track Products

Augment operators with detailed, media-rich work instructions that leverage IIoT devices and computer vision. Populate BOMs and track jobs, work orders, and batches. Error-proof workflows, streamline data collection, and guide with pick-to-light systems.

Screenshot of Machine Monitoring App

Monitor Performance Metrics

Understand overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with real-time visibility of machines, value streams, and production facilities. Identify, solve and prevent downtime by more accurately pinpointing failure and getting to the bottom of machine issues.

Screenshot of Andon Event Module app

Continuously Improve Operations

With Tulip, you can digitize your lean manufacturing practices, collect and analyze data in real-time and remove communication barriers. Automate the data collection process to avoid transcription costs and achieve real-time continuous improvement.

Collect and Visualize Real-Time Production Data

Connect to devices, sensors, cameras and machines with hardware integrations throughout your operations. Further contextualize data with prompted human data.

Operator reaching toward pick-to-light bin
  • Plug & Play

    Easily connect your devices to the apps you build.

  • Flexible

    A growing library of supported devices to choose from.

  • Customizable

    Configure on your own, through an intuitive interface.

Operator soldering electronics circuit board

Case Study

Tulip helped a contract manufacturer make their complex electronics assembly processes more efficient.

This customer increased throughput 50% by creating apps to help guide operators through complex assembly processes in a high mix environment, with over 1500 unique assemblies per year.

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

Day-in-the-life of a manufacturing facility illustration