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Electronics Manufacturer

Tulip helped a leading contract manufacturer make their complex assembly processes more efficient.

Electronics manufacturer

The Challenge

Tulip teamed up with a leading global contract manufacturer to guide complex electronics assembly. Operators on their manufacturing line build over 40 different models of complex electronic assemblies, each with a unique combination of components.

Before Tulip, front-line engineers relied on paper-based work instructions and audit procedures to guide operators and identify process inefficiencies. The manufacturer needed to maintain the highest quality and efficiency standards despite a high variety of assembly requirements. The operators needed the right information available at the right time to ensure the correct components were included in each assembly. Additionally, non-value-add steps had to be identified and eliminated quickly.

The Results

50% increase in throughput

Using Tulip’s platform, this manufacturer created apps that helped guide operators through complex assembly processes in a high mix environment, with over 1500 unique assemblies per year.

60% reduction in manual assembly-related quality issues

The data gathered from the shop floor was continuously analyzed with Tulip’s analytics engine-visualizing KPIs through dashboards that front-line engineers tailored to meet their unique needs. Guiding, tracking, and analyzing both operator and machine data in real-time make root cause analysis and continuous process improvement easy despite low volume production runs.

10% increase in production yield

Tulip allowed process engineers to take an agile approach to their processes, integrating feedback from the production line without knowing how to code.

Start transforming your operations.

With Tulip, companies can digitally transform their operations and gain real-time visibility of their production in days. Speak with one of our digital advisors today to learn more!

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