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Digital Equipment Logbooks

Cut inefficiencies and gain real-time insights with digital logbook apps

Streamline and error-proof logbook entries and reviews with intuitive workflows – and get a more holistic view of production by leveraging that data with history records.

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Boost productivity by removing unnecessary multitasking

Provide frontline staff with intuitive interfaces enriched with work instructions and guide them through the logbook process, automate data collection and entry, and eliminate human error that results from multitasking.

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Turn a tedious compliance activity into a source of production insights

Ensure logbook entries are right the first time by adding helpful context for data entries, enforcing field completion, and automating deviation reporting. Identify potential issues and improvement opportunities quickly by standardizing inputs for equipment statuses, downtime reasons, etc. with dropdowns.

  • Improve productivity

    Digital logbooks are easy to navigate, allowing operators to perform tasks efficiently.

  • Eliminate human errors

    Guide operators through the steps they need to take to ensure right-first-time data entry.

  • Increase traceability

    Create a digital audit trail and find the information you need, when you need it.

An easier way to digitize equipment logbooks

  • No-Code App Editor

    Create and configure user-friendly and functional apps that improve the productivity of your operations, without writing any code. Start from scratch or customize an app template to fit your needs.

  • Flexible Interfaces

    Apps built with Tulip can be used on machines, tablets, computers, and phones. Enable powerful, consumer-grade user experiences for your workforce across devices.

  • GxP-ready platform

    Tulip is used to improve productivity across some of the most heavily regulated industries. Leverage eSignatures (21CFR-P11) and create auditable record history for batches or individual products.

  • Governance & change management

    Tulip has flexible governance features to help companies remove unnecessary red tape and lock down processes when it makes sense.

  • Seamless integrations

    Connect your frontline processes to your backend systems - Tulip is designed to integrate with your existing systems and infrastructure.

  • Fast & easy validation

    Tulip comes validated with every long-term support (LTS) version and includes detailed documentation detailing every product change. Save time by only validating the apps you build.

Digitize your logbooks with Tulip

Learn how you can digitize equipment logbooks with apps that guide operators, automate data collection, and ensure compliance.