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Gain real-time visibility to measure and improve performance

Capture operator, machine, and device data in one place — making it easier than ever to conduct real-time analyses. Know where that work order is, how that new line is performing, and where to focus improvement efforts.

  • The data you need — without compromising productivity

    Incorporate data collection into intuitive operator workflows. Remove error-prone transcription of order numbers, material information, and other data — and replace unnecessary clicks with data automation.

  • Gain a holistic, real-time view of operations

    Aggregate data from multiple sources, including prompted operator inputs, sensors, machines, and scales. Create dashboards with the data and KPIs that matter.

  • Respond to issues faster with logic-based alerts

    Notify the right people via the channels they use with logic-based alerts or AI/ML-powered analyses. Set up alerts for reported downtime, out-of-spec variables, Andon notifications, and more.

Improve production visibility with connected apps

  • Mockup of Production Tracking Application

    Production Tracking

    Know what is happening and when. See where individual work orders, lots, batches, or units are right now — and measure performance metrics such as cycle times.

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  • Mockup of Performance Visibility Application

    Performance Visibility

    Understand the status and health of a production line, cell, or machine at a glance. Display metrics around output, first pass yield, uptime, and more.

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  • Mockup of Work Order Management Application

    Work Order Management

    Dispatch work orders with an assigned bill of materials. Track work orders throughout production.

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Gain insights without weighing processes down

  • Open API for a Single, Intuitive Frontend

    Shield operators from cumbersome UIs by pulling and pushing data to ERPs, MES, and other systems — whether cloud-based or on-prem.

  • Real-Time Performance Data

    Gain insights into key metrics such as cycle time and first pass yield. Aggregate data from operators, machines, and devices.

  • Automated Tracking

    Document the arrival of orders or materials with QR codes, camera-based optical character reading, RFID, or spatial tracking devices.

  • AI-Powered Analyses — Democratized

    Gain insights from your production data using pre-packaged AI/ML analytics. Forecast and set up alerts when key metrics are out of spec.

  • Rapid Edit Functionality and Deployment Cycles

    Empower engineers and supervisors on the frontline to build and edit apps. Use testing and approval workflows for fast and safe publishing.

  • Ability to Use Your Own Devices

    Display apps and dashboards on computers, tablets, mobile devices, and headsets.

See how companies use Tulip

  • PFF-Case-Study-5-topper

    Piaggio Fast Forward Gains Manufacturing Agility

    See how PFF tracked production and gained real-time performance insights as they expanded their robot production line.

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  • CUST-Unlimited-Tomorrow-worker-assembling-product-1440x810

    Unlimited Tomorrow Expands Capacity

    See how a built-to-order medical device company leveraged real-time production visibility to expand their production to meet customer demand.

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  • Stock-Photo-Luxury-Goods-Ring

    Luxury Jeweler Improves Productivity by 18%

    Read how an American luxury jewelry manufacturer implemented a next-gen MES with apps across several sites — giving them complete visibility.

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Drive impactful decisions with real-time operations data

Learn how you can digitize your production processes and gain complete visibility across your operations with apps.

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