Digital manufacturing solutions that grow with you. Tulip is the only platform as dynamic as your business.

The digital manufacturing platform that grows with you

The only solution as dynamic as your business

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A smarter way to run your factory.

Running a factory is hard. Improving every day, even harder. With Tulip, you can keep track of it all in a single, powerful, digital platform, that lets you spend less time measuring, and more time improving.



"Tulip’s distinctive nature is its simplicity."


"Tulip’s key differentiator is its ease of use and time to value."

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"The platform’s flexible, self-serve, smart manufacturing apps enable people, processes, and machines to work together."


"Tulip merges the needs of the human workforce with data-centric IIoT devices."

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"Tulip and its fellow pioneers are front and centre in shaping the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution."

Jet fuel for your team and operations.

Factories that are run with Tulip are more efficient, their workers are more productive, and they make fewer mistakes. Why? Because manufacturing apps guide and provide them with the right information at the right time.

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So easy, anyone can build their own apps.

Tulip puts those closest to your operations in the driver’s seat. An intuitive drag and drop interface lets them build apps, connect them with your IoT, integrate them with your systems and collect real-time data, without having to write any code.

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Transform your operations, one app at a time.

There is no need, challenge or goal you can’t tackle with manufacturing apps. If you can think of the use case, you can build the app. We call it a bottom-up digital transformation.

The world’s leading manufacturers are already using Tulip.

  • The manual collection of information really wasn't providing enough data for us to make data- driven decisions. On my own, I was able to create apps that really drive process improvements and help increase efficiencies without needing a support team of IT. 
    Senior Process Engineer, Nautique
  • I was quickly able to create apps that improve the quality and efficiency of my operations, without having to write any code.
    Manufacturing Engineer, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • Production has gone up. With the analytics we are able to see the timing per step for each and every part in order to identify the bottleneck and concentrate on that individual step.
    Manufacturing Engineer, Techniplas
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