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Manufacturing Training Software

Ramp up operators in a fraction of the time

Whether you’re training a new employee or introducing a process, product, or tool, build a firm foundation for your team with intuitive and effective training apps.

Operator training on product assembly

Accelerate training with “digital mentors”

Tulip’s approach to operator training enables manufacturers to train operators with hands-on workflows, step enforcement, and interactive feedback. Elevate training programs by standardizing new employee training,tracking operator skill levels, and capturing expert knowledge from your top performers.

Screenshot of operator training application

Build an interactive guidance system

Reduce training times from weeks to hours with guided workflows that remind operators of steps and reinforce adherence to processes. Monitor your training programs to ensure the right skills are being taught to the right people.

DMG Mori operator engaging with display device
  • Improve training effectiveness

    Ensure everyone learns the right way to complete tasks from day one with standardized, intuitive training apps.

  • Save resources

    Save time and money by eliminating the need to dedicate full-time resources to training.

  • Improve productivity

    Better training means better work. Prevent rework by helping operators do the job right the first time.

An easier way to train your workforce

  • No-Code App Editor

    Create user-friendly and functional apps that enable new workers to get ramped up faster, without writing any code. Start from scratch or customize an app template to fit your needs.

  • Flexible Interfaces

    Apps built with Tulip can be used on machines, tablets, computers, and phones. Enable powerful, consumer-grade user experiences for your workforce across devices.

  • Edge Connectivity

    Leverage native edge capabilities to elevate training apps with real-time feedback from computer vision and devices such as pick-to-light or color checks.

  • Built-In Checks For New Operators

    Ensure trainees are following quality and safety protocols with embedded multimedia and work instructions, and add quizzes to check comprehension.

  • Visualize Operator Data

    Leverage data collected from operators to track process times and other key production metrics to identify training gaps and when refresher trainings are needed.

  • GxP-Ready Platform

    Tulip is used to improve productivity across some of the most heavily regulated industries. Leverage eSignatures (21CFR-P11) and create auditable record history for batches or individual products.

Digitize your work instructions with Tulip

Learn how you can digitize your workflows with apps that guide operators and collect real-time data.

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