Give your apps the power of vision.

Augment your operators with apps that leverage a growing library of computer vision capabilities to guide, measure, and improve your operations.


Easy configuration

An intuitive configuration that doesn’t require technical expertise.


Computer vision at the edge – detectors for all of your use cases.

Cost Effective

Vision capabilities that work with off-the-shelf RGB and depth cameras.

A computer vision library for all your operational needs.

Combine the latest advances in human-centered computer vision with no-code apps, to unleash productivity and quality throughout your operations.

Regions of Interest

Define, monitor, and track regions of interest.

Jig Detection

Print and affix specialized stickers to items to detect movement, including the arrival/departure of materials.

Change Detection

Define, monitor, and track regions of interest.

Augment operator productivity with computer vision-enabled apps.

Auto-advance, or create virtual buttons to move through work instructions and guide operators as they perform their tasks.

Define regions of interest and track activities within them.

Track motion, hand placements, operator actions, and objects as they are used in an assembly process, Pick-to-Light, or order tracking.

Turn inexpensive cameras into extraordinary sensors

Use ordinary, inexpensive cameras, and track objects and motions through your assembly processes.

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