Give your apps the power of vision.

Augment your operators with apps that leverage a growing library of computer vision capabilities to guide, measure, and improve your operations.


region of interest

Easy configuration

An intuitive configuration that doesn’t require technical expertise.


Computer vision at the edge – gets better the more your team uses it.


Includes supervised and unsupervised vision models that work out of the box.

A computer vision library for all your manufacturing needs.

Combine the latest advances in human-centered computer vision with manufacturing apps, to unleash productivity and quality throughout your operations.


Leverage optical character recognition (OCR) to read serial numbers.


Scan barcodes and QR codes with your existing cameras.

Regions of Interest

Define, monitor, and track regions of interest.

Marker Detection

Ensure tools and parts are used in the right way, at the right time.

Motion Detection

Detect motion and presence through your workflows.

Vision app interaction

Augment operator productivity with computer vision enabled apps.

Auto-advance through work instructions and guide operators as they perform their tasks.

Define regions of interest and track activities within them.

Track motion, gestures, hand placements, operator actions, and objects as they are used in an assembly process.

region of interest
Optical Character Recognition

Turn inexpensive cameras into extraordinary sensors

Use ordinary, inexpensive cameras, to read barcodes, perform optical character recognition (OCR), and track objects through your assembly processes.

An algorithm that never stops improving.

Our technology is based on cutting edge computer vision research. The best part? You don’t need any technical training to use it. Our algorithms continuously learn from your team – the more you use it, the better it gets.

Computer vision algorithm learning

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