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Explore Tulip's vision capabilities

Combine the latest advances in human-centered computer vision with the power of Tulip's no-code platform to improve the quality and efficiency of your operations.

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  • Error-proof data capture with intelligent document processing

  • Identify defects sooner and more accurately

  • Increase quality and efficiency

  • Unlock real-time visibility into your operations

  • Jig Detection

    Print and affix specialized stickers to items to detect movement, including the arrival/departure of materials.

  • Change Detection

    Define, monitor, and track regions of interest and remove noise with depth detection. Useful for bin picking and pick-to-light.

  • Color Detection

    Identify colors and color changes in regions of interest to detect empty bins in need of material replenishment and analog machine lights.

  • OCR Detection

    Automatically reads texts like serial numbers, part numbers, and packaging info for verification.

  • Visual Code Detection

    Automatically detect and read QR codes, data matrix codes, and barcodes for product tracking and tool tracking.

  • Leverage Machine Learning

    Use data collected by Tulip Vision to train machine learning models by sending the data to external cloud Vision APIs, including Amazon Lookout for Vision API and Google Vision API.

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