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Medical Device Manufacturing Illustration
Guide technicians with product-specific work instructions and capture their measurements seamlessly.

Manufacture high-quality products at any level of compliance

  • Human-Centric Apps

    Guide operators and simplify complex tasks

  • Edge Connectivity

    Connect hardware to the cloud to automate workflows

  • Pace-to-Value

    Rapid deployment of tailored apps unlocks quick ROI and faster cycles of improvements

  • Production Visibility

    Draw insights into your operations from any device

  • Simplify quality management

    Rigid QMS systems, unstandardized practices, and workforce fluctuations make it difficult to consistently deliver quality products. Eliminate errors with a suite of apps to manage equipment logbooks, CAPAs, third parties, and more.

  • Adhere to regulation standards

    Paperwork limits the full potential of your operations. With Tulip, digital history records automatically track actions, making report-building simple and increasing your success to comply with regulations.

  • Interface with all of your systems from one place

    Disparate data sources and legacy machines make it challenging to manage your operations efficiently. Establish bidirectional communication across your devices and systems to get a holistic view of your operations and make data-driven decisions to increase productivity and quality.

Digital Work Instructions - Rich Media - RTC Module

Ensure product quality and error-proof workflows with human-centric applications

Guide operators with intuitive apps to improve clarity, reduce errors, and increase productivity. With computer vision and edge connectivity, engineers can automate tedious tasks like inventory tracking and data tracking.

Automate your workflows with integrated computer vision to increase productivity and improve quality

Use inexpensive cameras to take snapshots for documentation, extract data, identify anomalies, track objects, and more – without the code-heavy implementation.

Computer Vision - Pick to Light - Change Detection
  • Pick & Pack

    Speed up and error-proof picking and packing with pick-to-light

  • Automatic transcription and tracking

    Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read labels and jig detection to automatically track products

  • Detect defects

    Quickly identify product defects using color detection or AI anomaly detection

Tulip Maskson Still

Simplify compliance with right-the-first-time eDHR

Increase success at audit time with paperless, searchable, and complete history records using FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signatures. With our GxP-ready functionality, you can reduce rework and over-processing when every procedure is done the right the first time, every time.

Device History Record

Easily reference a complete product genealogy to keep vendors accountable and promote continuous improvement

Tulip integrates with your hardware and software to automate data capture for a more streamlined documentation process. Review product genealogies to trace parts, actions, and other events to identify root causes or prove that products are built according to compliance and quality standards.

Minimize the risk of non-compliance

Assure fitness for intended use by mitigating risks, and ensuring the process performs reliably in your environment and in your intended workflows.

Mockup eSignature Edge MC
  • Documentation included

    Significantly reduce validation efforts by accessing validation artifacts provided with each software release

  • Focus on control

    Ensure compliance by using a risk-based approach to identify potential risks, associated control strategy, and to preserve data integrity

  • Test apps

    Accelerate the validation process by review testing data automatically captured by Tulip

Logbooks App Blog 1

Get started with pre-built solutions

Improve your operations with GxP-ready apps that can manage logbook records, process audit checklists, production tracking dashboards and more.

Case Studies

  • Dentsply Sirona Operator

    Tulip helped Dentsply Sirona cut training times by 75% while reducing errors in a complex kitting process.

    Turning paper-based work instructions into interactive digital apps, Dentsply Sirona streamlined new operator training.

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  • Laerdal Medical Device

    Laerdal Error-Proofs Medical Kit Assembly with Vision Verifications

    Learn how Laerdal used computer vision to get to zero defects in thousands of products shipped.

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  • ArchForm Aligner Line

    ArchForm Ensures Compliance of Custom Orthopedic Aligner Manufacturing with an End-to-End Solution Using Tulip

    See how Tulip’s reliable eDHRs helped ArchForm scale quickly and double their production capacity.

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Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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