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Digital Logbooks: Replace Unwanted Multi-Tasking with Focused Productivity

In GxP environments, it's common for operators to multitask between reading through SOPs, executing tasks, and manually documenting information in logbooks. This multitasking is not only inefficient but also increases the likelihood of human error and non-compliance.

In our upcoming Linkedin Live event, we'll explore how leading pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers are digitizing operator workflows to eliminate multitasking, automate data collection, and error-proof logbooks across their operations.

In this event, we'll review how you can:

  • Eliminate operator errors: Guide an operator through a cleaning procedure with digital workflows

  • Shorten review times: Use review-by-exception to accelerate review and increase productivity

  • Visualize production: Leverage real-time data to extract operational insights and drive continuous improvement


  • Headshot of Tulip employee - Ninad Deo

    Ninad Deo

    Pre-Sales Engineer, Tulip

  • Jen Dyment

    Solutions Marketing Lead, Tulip