Continuing our spotlight on the upcoming Frontline Copilot™ in Tulip, we are excited to share a preview of Frontline Copilot™ for Custom Widgets. Now, custom widget code can be created automatically, letting a developer describe their widget and generate a basic version of the widget for them to build upon and configure.

Frontline Copilot™ is a collection of AI features within the platform that will help users with tasks related to their manufacturing operations. With custom widgets, Frontline Copilot™ will help speed up development of low-code add-ons to the Tulip platform and simplify the work it takes to bring your own solutions to life.

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How it works

Custom widgets are a low-code solution for creating custom components within Tulip apps to solve problems and further customize apps beyond the app editor experience. They are a powerful tool, but require knowledge of programming languages and concepts.

Rather than laboring over the intricacies of code (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS), the Frontline Copilot™ assumes the role of a collaborative programmer. Its primary objective is to simplify the experience of creating advanced widgets, expedite the development process, and ultimately lower the barrier to entry. Tulip app builders can create custom widgets with limited coding expertise, and iterate on them from a starting point created by AI.

The adoption of custom widgets and plugins in the platform has been remarkable, with teams adopting custom widgets across their operations, stretching what is possible with the Tulip platform. We are always adding examples of these to the Tulip library →

Copilot in action

In a practical scenario, imagine a user who wants to create a custom widget displaying the current time across Tokyo, London, and Boston. Instead of delving into the complexities of code composition, they can generate the necessary code using simple natural language text prompts—a concept demonstrated below.

The user can also define the basic appearance of the widget by specifying attributes such as text color, style, and other user interface features. This results in a visually appealing widget, as depicted in the second screenshot, where the generated code (on the left) corresponds to the created widget (on the right).

We are working on refining and bringing this functionality to our users, and will continue to add more AI functionality with Frontline Copilot™ over the coming months. If you want to get your hands on Frontline Copilot™, we are testing AI trigger actions and other features in beta to collect feedback. Please email us at to learn more!

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