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Aligning Digital Operations with DMG MORI, Tulip, and Microsoft

Operators Using Tulip Applications to Aid Assembly on the Shop Floor

Moving to a Paperless Shop Floor

For those manufacturers looking to empower their workforce, focusing on improving training, sharing knowledge, and connecting the frontline workers is an effective way to achieve this.

DMG MORI is a global manufacturer of industrial machinery and a solution provider in the manufacturing environment. For them, it is their focus to digitize not only their own value chain, but their customers' value chain as well.

“We want to run the shop floor paperless, that means providing information, wherever it is needed in real-time.” - Michael Horn, Executive Board Member of DMG MORI.

To digitize their shop floor and empower their employees, DMG MORI looked for a software with automation solutions. For them, Tulip was the logical solution and they began their partnership with Tulip in 2019.

“Tulip is an easy-to-use app-building platform. It's not traditional programming, it's a no-code platform. That means you can, with relatively few clicks build your own process, build your own application. We actually use Tulip along the entire value chain.” - Marius Schmiedt, Head of Operational Excellence of DMG MORI.

DMG MORI has applied Tulip to cases in the area of supply, via logistics, goods receipt, pre-assembly, production, assembly, commissioning through to service.

Running Tulip in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Tulip runs on Microsoft Azure as a cloud-based application, (i.e. Software as a Service). Since Microsoft Azure was already utilized in other areas within DMG MORI, it is in use within their IT security policy.

“The value of running Tulip on Microsoft is one, having a trusted and secure set of solutions. Running on this truly hybrid model, a multi-cloud scenario that incorporates the best of the plant floor, plus the best of the cloud environments.” - Amol Adgaonkar, Director of Business Strategy; Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Microsoft.

“Digitization is a topic that affects us all, everywhere, along the entire value chain. Microsoft has a lot of experience in the area of digitization and, in my opinion, it increases confidence in Tulip itself. If Microsoft can trust a product like Tulip flawlessly, then so can we.”

Marius Schmiedt, Head of Operational Excellence of DMG MORI

Moving Forward

For DMG MORI, cloud-based applications are one of the essential elements in this digital transformation across the software-as-a-service environment. The flexibility of Tulip encourages creativity.

“Suddenly, applications or technological solutions emerge, you've never dreamed of before. But it also just goes to show what Tulip can make possible as a tool, and creativity can simply be released within the organization.” - Marius Schmiedt

“Due to the positive experiences we have made on the shop floor, this scaling of Tulip, in combination with DMG Mori products, will accelerate significantly, because the added value is simply very tangible for every end-user and the flexibility and the results speak for themselves.”

Michael Horn, Executive Board Member of DMG MORI

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