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Bring AI to your operations.

Tulip knows AI. For several years, Tulip has been a leader in ML/AI technology for Frontline Operations. Find ML/AI offering across the platform in Analytics, Computer Vision, and now Frontline Copilot™.

Mack Molding Operator Interacting with Tulip
Building a digital work instructions app in Tulip's app editor

Empower your team to build the tools they need

Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform is augmented with Frontline Copilot™ – a set of AI tools for answering questions, exploring data, and creating your own manufacturing assistant.

TEC Quality Inspection Anomaly Detection

Give your apps the power of vision

Combine the latest advances in human-centered computer vision with no-code apps to improve quality in your operations. Use inexpensive off-the-shelf cameras to track objects and motion, train custom ML models, and much more.

production floor dashboard TEC

ML-driven predictions for agile manufacturing insights

Augment frontline knowledge with powerful ML Forecast charts built for operations and use your data more effectively.

Take advantage of an open ecosystem

Tulip’s open platform and powerful integration tools make it easy to bring 3rd party AI services into your process. OpenAI, ChatGPT, and other services can be integrated with ready-made connectors in the Tulip Library making it quick and easy to supercharge your workflows with natural language tools, and improve the work experience for your team.

Augment your operations with AI today

See how Tulip's no-code platform and AI capabilities enable agile and connected operations

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