Partner Spotlight: Tulip + Microsoft Azure

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Tulip & Azure

Tulip & Azure

Tulip is the premier platform for engineers looking to turn analog operations workflows into instrumented, data collecting, digital processes, without code or complex system integrations. Reduce complexity, lower costs, and speed up your time to market—all on the industry’s enterprise-ready platform.

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Azure Load Balancer

Traffic arrives at Tulip instances by way of Azure Load Balancer, which evenly distributes load across backend pool instances. This allows for increased availability by distributing resources within and across zones and uses health probes to monitor load-balanced resources.

Asset Storage on Azure Storage Accounts

Assets such as images, videos, PDF documents, and other files are often used to provide a rich user experience when building operations apps. Tulip uses Azure AD managed identities to administer and assign roles to each customer, providing customer isolation for storage accounts.

Security with Azure VNet

Security is a concern for companies of all sizes, and Tulip leverages Azure Virtual Network (VNet) to deliver a secure hosting environment for operations apps. We isolate customer environments so that data is securely stored and integrity-protected.

Çağlayan Arkan

“The role of the human in the manufacturing context is profoundly changing. With Tulip, we’re tackling the opportunity to reinvent how we think about that role head-on and bringing our customers along in this historic time in the history of manufacturing.”

Çağlayan Arkan, Vice President, Global Sales Lead, Manufacturing Industry, Microsoft




Nautique used Tulip to gain real-time visibility into their operations process.

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