Edge computing devices should serve your operations, not the other way around. That’s why Edge MC and all Tulip Hardware can work with hundreds of devices and machines. Getting set up and running with these devices is an easy process, and can be performed by frontline workers, without reliance on IT. The ability to combine devices, machines and sensors with Tulip’s no-code platform allows citizen developers to create powerful applications for any use case.

Edge MC, the latest hardware device from Tulip, is a low-cost, low-profile device that enables wireless computing at the edge. With accessible USB connectivity and ethernet connectivity, Node-RED, and more, Edge MC expands the capability of guided workflows and machine monitoring on the shop floor.


Guided Workflows

Tulip has an always-growing list of connected devices that make it easy to get started with augmenting your operations. With Edge MC, simply plug in your supported connected device, and set up logic with no-code triggers in the Tulip platform. You can integrate torque drivers, calipers, barcode scanners, scales, smart tools, and more out of the box.

Connecting these devices can make it easy to build a guided digital Work Instruction process with smart tools.

Operators can use barcode scanners at a station to track orders throughout a facility.


Integrate a digital scale into a Pack & Shipprocess to streamline data collection.


Remote Connection

Because of its small form factor Edge MC is perfect for connecting devices and sensors in hard-to-reach places. Edge MC can transmit data back to Tulip, allowing you to analyze data from your shop floor, anywhere in the world.

Need a solution on the go? Edge MC can be powered by an external battery. Build a mobile temperature scanning station with sensors to ensure the safety of your workers.

Do More

In addition to USB connectivity, Edge MC has powerful machine monitoring capabilities and use cases. With native support for OPC UA and Node-RED, it is easy to problem solve and connect your machines and devices that aren’t traditionally supported by Tulip. Want to learn more? Visit our support articles on getting started with Edge MC.

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