Your shop floor, connected.

More integrations. Lower cost. Infinite possibilities.

Ways to Connect

Tulip I/O gateway edge gateway

I/O Gateway

Full machine and device connectivity with USB, RS-232, and GPIO.


Edge MC

Accessible USB connectivity and native OPC UA machine monitoring.


Spend less time configuring, more time solving problems.

Tulip’s edge devices are simple to connect and easy to configure. That means data where you need it, when you need it.

Designed for Manufacturers

Manufacturing is hard on hardware. Our edge devices have the durability, integrations, and configurability you need to connect.

Aligned with Tulip’s Platform

Tulip edge devices are 100% aligned with our platform. So you don’t have to worry about managing updates or the software “outgrowing” your hardware.

Supports Every Shop Floor

Edge devices should serve your operations. Not the other way around. All Tulip hardware is device and software agnostic. Connect the machines, devices, sensors that matter to you.

Easily connect your network-based machines

Tulip’s no-code interface makes it easy to define machine attributes and integrate machine data into your processes.

Connect devices for augmented smart workstations.

Augment workstations with barcode scanners, calipers, and more, with easy drag-and-drop configuration.

Learn more about connected devices

Torque drivers



Tulip Light Kit

Barcode scanners

Smart tools