Your data tells a story.

Integrate your apps, processes, and machines to see what it means.


A platform to build apps for all your machine monitoring needs.

With Tulip, you can go beyond simple machine monitoring and build apps that integrate machine, process and human data, to give you real-time production visibility.

Easily connect to machine protocols such as OPC UA, Modbus, MQTT, and more


Natively connect with network-based protocols such as OPC UA, MQTT, and Modbus, as well as legacy equipment.

Standardize machine attributes across sources.


Standardize attributes across sources so your data can speak to everyone–from operators to supervisors to management.


Define the attributes you want to measure and define custom machine states.

Visualize machine data with out of the box analytics.

Display beautiful, intuitive charts to visually monitor machines across your operations. Embed machine widgets in apps or dashboards.

Go beyond OEE

Augment your machine data with data from your people, devices and systems. See real-time and historical data side by side to paint a holistic view of your operations.

Go beyond machines

Build apps that guide human-machine interaction, from machine setup to maintenance to changeover, with Tulip’s flexible no-code app editor.

Jump-start your apps with the Machine Shop Bundle.

Tulip Machine Terminal guides the operator through machine setup.

Learn how Taza Chocolate gained visibility into their legacy machines, increased machine uptime, and increased output with Tulip machine monitoring.

Bring legacy and brownfield machines online with smart sensors.

Gain live insights into your analog machine operations without purchasing new equipment.

Scale your machine monitoring operations.

Create custom machine types to quickly scale solutions from a single machine to the full plant

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