Shop floor visibility, beyond machine data.

80% of shop floor issues are caused by human error – machine monitoring on its own is not enough. Gain true production visibility by integrating human and machine data.


Machine Monitoring Dashboard

Go beyond OEE

Unify machine and human data to improve your overall process effectiveness (OPE)

Production insights

Define and measure the machine KPIs that matter to you and track them in real-time.

Connect all your machines

From legacy machines to the latest asset, we can connect to any machine on your floor.

Machine Monitoring with Tulip

A platform to build apps for all your machine monitoring needs.

With Tulip, you can go beyond simple machine monitoring and build apps that integrate machine, process and human data, to give you real-time production visibility.

Descriptive Analytics

Answer what’s going on?

Diagnostic Analytics

Answer why is that occurring?

Predictive Analytics

Answer what will happen?

Prescriptive analytics

Answer how can you improve?

Connect with other apps on your shop floor to gain full production visibility.

I/O Gateway

Connect and monitor all your machines

Avoid complex integrations. From legacy machines, to new equipment, you can connect all your assets through a web interface and leverage Tulip’s shop floor IoT to augment machine data with sensor data.


Monitor the KPIs that matter to you

Go beyond overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and define the key performance indicators you care about. From machine uptime, to historical data, to tool utilization – Tulip lets you define, track, and measure what matters most to your operations.

Tulip Machine Terminal guides the operator through machine setup.

Improve overall process effectiveness (OPE) through guided workflows

Reduce downtime by guiding operators as they interact with your machines, perform the right setup and maintenance.

Guide operators as they interact with your machines to ensure they perform the right setup and maintenance.

Reduce downtime with real-time alerts.

Monitor machine conditions and send real-time phone or email notifications if thresholds are crossed, so bottlenecks are solved faster and downtime minimized.

Tulip Machine Monitoring Alert

Monitor your shop floor from anywhere.

Don’t settle for pre-configured screens designed for another company’s processes. Define you own metrics, visualizations, and dashboards through an easy to use, drag and drop interface. Share with your stakeholders, and access anywhere.

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