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Machine monitoring

Monitor machines and track performance and maintenance in real-time

Prevent unplanned downtime by monitoring your machine utilization holistically and in real-time with apps that integrate machine, process, and human data.

A platform to build apps for all your machine monitoring needs

Tulip makes it easy to build and scale solutions quickly. Connect any machine to automatic data collection without needing an integrator, or let operators indicate machine status.

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  • Networked machines

    Connect to network-based protocols such as OPC UA, MQTT, Modbus.

  • Legacy machines

    Connect analog or custom equipment with edge devices and sensors.

  • Machine management

    Monitor maintenance, changeovers, and job status with interactive digital apps for operators.

Visualize machine data with out-of-the-box analytics

Display dashboards across your operations with embedded machine, device, and human data to go beyond OEE.

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Case Studies

  • Autodesk Technology Centers

    Autodesk unlocks new insights with machine monitoring and AI

    See how the Technology Center team instrumented their stranded equipment and used trained machine learning models to predict states.

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  • Taza chocolate manufacturing facility

    Taza Chocolate brings visibility to analog production

    Taza used Tulip to bring analog machines online and create real-time process visibility in its chocolate factory.

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  • Barcode scanning for 3D printer tracking at Formlabs

    Formlabs Boosts Visibility Through Real-Time Data Collection

    Learn how Tulip gave Formlabs the real-time production visibility they needed for their manufacturing processes.

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Contents of Tulip's machine monitoring kit

Get Started Fast With Tulip Machine Kit

Machine Kit makes it easy to connect any machine and integrate real-time data from people, devices, and sensors for a complete view of your operation.

Improve your machine utilization with Tulip

Learn how you can collect, track, and visualize machine data from your equipment, measure OEE, and prevent downtime with apps.

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