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Fishbone (Ishikawa) Diagram

Visual technique for root cause analysis identifying cause-and-effect relationships.


Fishbone (Ishikawa) Diagram App
  • Goals


    • Determine the root cause of problems by identifying cause-and-effect relationships
    • Unblock problem-solving in situations without quantitative data
    • Locate areas for improvement by identifying the root cause of a problem rather than the symptoms
    • Standardize Fishbone Diagram methodologies throughout your factory
    • Digitize Fishbone Diagram methodologies
    • Collect and track data from root cause analyses

  • Features


    • Walk team through brainstorming exercise identifying possible causes for a problem or defect
    • Categorize possible defect causes
    • Evaluate which factors are having the greatest impact on the outcome
    • Collect and track defect data, including photos
    • Customize Fishbone Diagram according to the needs of your shop floor
    • Connect with environmental sensors and other IoT devices to track conditions

  • Resources
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  • Operator Suggestions
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