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Quality Management Solutions

Ensure quality at each step of your production.

Error-proof production steps, increase the efficiency and frequency of quality checks and ensure only high-quality materials and parts moves downstream.

Manual assembly and quality review of electronics components

Prevent rework and overprocessing by getting it right the first time.

Augment operators with digital work instructions and real-time vision guidance ensure product quality. Capture data for tracking, and enhance quality inspection with rich media and computer vision-based verification.

Detect, solve and prevent quality issues faster with real-time data.

Integrate all your operational data in one place. Automatically collect all the metrics you care about, create reports and dashboards and access them in real-time.

TEC Demo Anomaly Detection SBD
  • Identify defects

    Measure first pass yield and identify defects throughout your operations

  • Prioritize issues

    Use pareto charts to analyze and develop plans to mitigate quality issues

  • Quality Event Dashboard

    Monitor CAPAs, security incidents, third party performance reviews, and access requests from a single place.

TEC Demo Hololens Quality Inspection GIF

Boost operator performance and ensure product quality with hands-free devices

Use VR headsets where computers aren’t accessible and hands need to be available. Project a 3D model and compare with a physical model to quickly identify defects and make a report for documentation.

Quality control data displayed in a Tulip analytics dashboard

Release products sooner with an intuitive quality management system

Traditional QMS are rigid and require significant investments to tailor to your needs. With our composable platform, you can quickly customize and manage all of your quality processes from one place.

Improve your quality management practices with Tulip

Learn how you can reduce human error and eliminate the sources of quality defects with apps.

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