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IT Team

Democratize technology without sacrificing security, reliability or integrity.

Empower those closest to operations to own and safely update their systems.

Manufacturing supervisors reviewing production data on a tablet
  • Remove IT Bottlenecks

    Reduce request pipeline by adopting a self-service ecosystem.

  • Ensure Security & Integrity

    Leverage permissions to limit who can change what. Implement SSO and encryption.

  • Adapt Quickly

    Give engineers and operations teams the ability to react rapidly and solve problems.

Create a self-service ecosystem for supporting operations.

DMG Mori Supervisors reviewing performance metrics
Adopt a low-risk, future-proofed technology.

Solve a superset of problems with a solution that replaces multiple legacy software systems. Easily integrate with existing systems including ERP, MES, and communication systems.

Screenshot of production dashboard
Provide real-time dashboards with built-in analytics.

Gain real-time visibility from people, machines, devices and sensors. Enable engineers and leaders to create or adjust dashboards on their own.

Support engineering teams with minimal disruption to production.

Screenshot of Dynamic Work Instructions app
Equip staff with configurable apps.

Help teams solve problems. Provide a single source of truth by converting SOPs into dynamic, media-rich edge-connected digital workflows.

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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