Introducing the Manufacturing App Platform

Create manufacturing apps, connect shop floor IoT, and optimize with manufacturing analytics.

How does Tulip Work?

Tulip’s platform makes it easy to build Manufacturing Apps that connect with your operator, sensor and machine data to achieve your business goals. The platform has three Capabilities: Shop-Floor IoT, App Engine and Analytics.

Shop Floor IoT

Tulip’s IoT Gateway makes it easy to connect your machines, smart tools and sensors through a plug and play solution that allows you to integrate them as inputs and outputs of your Manufacturing Apps.
Plug and Play IoT

Easily connect all your devices to Tulip.

Collect Data

Turn your workflows into data collecting activities.

Engage Operators

Provide feedback in real-time through connected tools.

App Engine

The App Engine empowers those closest to the problem to digitize your operations by creating Manufacturing Apps to solve business goals.
Implement in hours

Go from conception to value in a matter of hours.

Empower your team

Give the people closest to your operations the tools they need to improve.

Gain autonomy

No need to hire expensive third parties to build, integrate and deploy Apps.


Manufacturing Apps collect data that was previously unavailable. You can use the Manufacturing Analytics tool to access, analyze and visualize this data from anywhere. Understand OEE, identify bottlenecks and improve in real-time.
Real-time Kaizen

Identify bottlenecks and perform lightning fast root-cause analysis.

Actionable insights

Measure and monitor actionable data through visual analytics.

Accessible from Anywhere

Access your production data from all your devices in real-time.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Get a detailed tour of how Tulip’s platform can fit your needs.