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Simple transparent pricing. All plans are billed annually.

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Build powerful  apps.
Ideal to guide manual workflows and collect production data throughout your operations.


Build robust IoT enabled apps. 
Ideal for combining manual workflows and IoT sensor/device data.


Build Enterprise-grade apps.
Ideal for multisite rollouts and integration with existing record and control systems.



Station / Year


Station / Year

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Additional Non-Production Stations: Development environment to build, test and view data from your apps

Development Stations

Test new apps before rolling them out in production

2 3


Interactive Dashboard Stations

Run apps with embedded analytics

2 3


App Builder: Build your own apps, no need to code

Number of apps




Drag & drop app builder

Rich media support

Add pictures, videos, CAD files and PDFs to your apps

No-code logic authoring

Custom Assets Library

Customize the symbols and images available to design your apps.

Smart Forms

Create smart forms with booleans, dropdown menus, checkboxes, text fields, pictures and more.

Custom asset library

Shop Floor IoT: Plug and play your devices

USB device support

Ability to connect with supported USB Devices such as barcode scanners and foot pedals

GPIO support

Ability to connect with GPIO devices

Industrial protocol support

Connect with OPCUA, MTConnect, Modbus, and others

Machine monitoring

Ability to capture machine data and events

Available add-on

Events Captured per Second

Refresh rate of machine data captured



App Alerts: send and receive alerts based on shop floor events


Send SMS alerts when an event happens



Send Email alerts when an event happens

Reporting & Analytics: Create and share real-time production data

Analytics query period

Period of time you can query your data. All historic data can always be exported.

1 year

2 years


Visual analytics engine

Ability to visualize and chart tracked data


Create dashboards with data and charts

Chart sharing

Create and share a unique link of your charts so you can safely share with anyone, inside and outside your organization

Advanced Expression Capabilities

Manipulate data with formulas through an intuitive expression editor

Shift scheduling

Schedule shifts across users and workforce

Collaboration: Work with your team to build and improve your apps

User permissions

Manage users controls and permissions

Version Control

Manage the versions of your apps and ensure the right one is used at all times

Approval Workflows

Approve apps from development to production

Active Directory / LDAP

Manage your users all in one place


Available add-on

External Integrations: Augment your systems with seamless integrations

CSV data export

Export your app data as a CSV file

SQL connections

Connect your apps with SQL databases

REST connections

Connect your apps via REST calls

Security: Keep your organization’s data safe and secure


Test environment

Test new Tulip features before entering production

Available add-on

Available add-on

Validated Instance for Regulated Environments

Data and process compliance with CFR11, etc

Support: Get all the training and support you need to be successful 

Tulip Knowledge Base

Access a growing database of support articles, tutorials, how-tos and webinars

Email & chat support

Get all the support you need via email and chat

Phone support

Get all the support you need via phone

Success Plan

Success plans available as add-on

Standard Plan (Available add-on)

Standard Plan (Available add-on)

Deployment Options: Choose the best deployment for your organization

Public cloud

Private cloud

Available add-on


Available add-on

  • There’s an environment that’s constantly changing … people working from home, from offices, around the country. This software, because it’s cloud-based, allows us to form these operations really quickly.
    Engineering Manager, Lightspeed Manufacturing
  • The manual collection of information really wasn't providing enough data for us to make data- driven decisions. On my own, I was able to create apps that really drive process improvements and help increase efficiencies without needing a support team of IT. 
    Senior Process Engineer, Nautique
  • I was quickly able to create apps that improve the quality and efficiency of my operations, without having to write any code.
    Manufacturing Engineer, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • Production has gone up. With the analytics we are able to see the timing per step for each and every part in order to identify the bottleneck and concentrate on that individual step.
    Manufacturing Engineer, Techniplas
  • Operators are excited with this new technology. I was able to design a pretty easy interface to reduce the amount of clicks to input the data on our traditional Material handling system. Training of new operators takes less time. And today we are capable of having real data with real evidence from our process that helps our operators have more visibility of issues and fixes by using Tulip.
    Sr. Process Engineer, Dentsply

Frequently asked questions

How does Tulip's pricing work?

Tulip is priced on a per station basis. In Tulip, stations associate digital apps with your physical operation. In order to run an app in production (on your shop floor), it needs to be assigned to a station in Tulip. Every plan comes with one production station, and additional testing stations so you can develop your apps in a sandboxed environment before deploying to your production line.

What's the best way to get started with Tulip?

The best way to get started is through our Free Trial, which lets you try our platform for 30 days, no credit card required. If you like what you see, but would like to try the IoT capabilities of our ‘Professional’ plan, you can try it with Factory Kit, which includes a “Professional Subscription”, a Tulip I/O Gateway, Light Kit and a host of other sensors. If you’re interested in a larger scale deployment, you might also want to start with the Free Trial or Factory Kit, but get in touch with us and we’ll help you make sure you are set up for success.

How do I determine how many stations are right for me?

Stations are physical locations where you use Tulip. For example, if you have an assembly line with 5 stations and you want to run a Tulip app on each one, you need 5 Tulip stations. If you only have one station, that’s all you pay for – even if you have 5 people using your app there. Once you start your free trial, we’ll help you determine the optimal number of stations you need for your operations. But you have the last word and can start small and grow as you go. Contact us if you have additional questions.

Why isn't Tulip priced per user like other systems?

We’re a different kind of software. We understand your factory has many people who might be using Tulip. Rather than charge for each one of them, we charge per station – physical locations where you use Tulip. All our plans include a core set of Tulip features over a set period of time, but each subscription plan has additional features for factories with different needs.

How does the Free Trial work?

The free-trial lets you use Tulip Standard for free for 30 days, risk-free. As part of the trial, you receive a complimentary onboarding session with a Tulip implementation expert as well as access to our entire App Library, so you can use and customize those apps to fit your needs. You don’t need a credit card to get started and you can cancel at any time. When the trial ends, you’ll have a better understanding of what Tulip can do for your operations, so you’ll be able to choose the plan that best fits your needs to grow with Tulip.

Do you offer a free trial for Tulip Professional?

If you’d like to try Tulip Professional, you can purchase a Factory Kit. It includes an annual subscription for Tulip Professional as well as a Tulip Gateway, Light Kit and a number of other sensors.

How do I know which plan is best for me?

A good rule of thumb is the following: If you want to experiment with Manufacturing Apps, but don’t have IoT needs yet, start with ‘Standard’. If want to uncover the value of your Shop Floor IoT, start with ‘Professional’. If you need on-premise deployments, GxP qualifications or MES/ERP integrations, go with ‘Enterprise’. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Do you have a perpetual license?

No. Tulip operates as a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. We believe this is better for our customers as it doesn’t require large upfront investments, it forces us to continuously innovate and lets us continuously grow the features of our platform.

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