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In-Person Event

Save the Date: Citizen Developers Open House at Tulip

On Thursday, November 10, Tulip will be hosting an open house for developers and citizen developers at our Somerville, MA headquarters. Explore demos at the Tulip Experience Center, hear user stories, and dive in with tech talks from the people building Tulip. Lunch will be provided, as well as a happy hour following the event.
Platform Update

Text Widget now Supports Rich Text

You can now easily add inline formatting to blocks of text within your apps to improve usability and emphasize the information critical to your operators.
Platform Updates

Duplicate Trigger Actions

Trigger actions can now be quickly duplicated with a handy Duplicate Action button. Forget filling out dozens of fields in a Tulip Table, just write it once, duplicate that action, then map each action to a new table field.

See the full notes for Release 234 and Release 235. For LTS customers, see what's new in LTS 8 here.
Community Updates

ProGlove and USB CDC: Walkthrough and Resources

See how the Tulip team built a proof of concept that allows Tulip apps to communicate with ProGlove wearable barcode scanners with Node-RED.

How are we doing?

At Tulip, it is our priority to continue improving our platform to better serve users like you. To help us do so, we would be grateful if you could take a minute to leave a review on our profile on G2. Your feedback not only helps us understand how we are doing, but will help your industry peers find the best fit solution to improve their operations.

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