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Continuous improvement was never truly continuous, as it has always lagged behind data collection. With Tulip, you can digitize your lean manufacturing practices, collect and analyze data in real-time, and remove communication barriers.

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Jumpstart your lean manufacturing journey with Lean App templates.

Save Time

Automate the data collection process to avoid transcription costs.

Real-time Kaizen

Achieve real-time continuous improvement.

A new and better way to achieve Jidoka

Jidoka, often translated as automation with a human touch, relies on detecting, fixing, and correcting the root cause of abnormalities. With Tulip, you can leverage IoT-enabled manufacturing apps to redefine what Jidoka means for your operations.

Generate valuable production information that powers your lean manufacturing practices.

Stay lean by shortening idle and response times with digital visual andon, and know what issues take priority with the real-time digital and on system. Reduce human errors by error-proofing your operations based on the Poka Yoke method, and immediately respond to issues and provide feedback to your shop floor workers using the operator suggestions app.

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Guide your team through processes that keep the shop floor lean.

Conduct mini-audits during the manufacturing process using the visual cards from Kamishibai app, visually identify the cause-and-effect relationships of problems and defects with the fishbone diagram, and make continuous improvement a part of your everyday operations with Gemba Walk.

Check out the apps in the Tulip Library >

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