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Thank You! Tulip at Hannover Messe Pop-Up Factory: Word Clock Instructions

the front of a word clock that says twenty-five past twelve

Step-by-Step Guide for Setting the Time on Your Tulip Word Clock

  1. Plug in your Tulip Word Clock's independent power supply.

  2. The current hour should be blinking. If not, hold the button until the hour begins blinking.

  3. Press the button to cycle through the hours. Hold the button until the words stop blinking to store the hour. The Tulip logo should now be flashing.

  4. Hold the button until the Tulip logo stops flashing. To cycle through "quarter past", "half past", etc., press the button the number of minutes you want to increment past the time designator (press it 5 times for “five past”, 10 for “ten past”, etc.).

  5. Hold down the button until the minutes stop flashing.

  6. Hold down the button until the hour stops flashing.

  7. Press the button once to stop the Tulip logo from flashing.

If the RTC module is connected, when you unplug and replug the word clock, the clock should still be set to the previously set time.