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Build or Buy? Tulip helped ChefSteps improve traceability and speed.


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The Challenge

ChefSteps is a leading producer of smart kitchen technology. Their flagship product, Joule Sous Vide, sets the standard for intelligent, responsive cooking tools. With a new line of chef-crafted sauces made for sous vide cooking and the educational  Joule app, ChefSteps is redefining how we interact with the heart of the home, the kitchen.

When rolling out their new line of food products, ChefSteps wanted to achieve the highest standard for safety and traceability. Without the right tools, tracking products from factory to consumer proved difficult. ChefSteps had to decide whether to build a solution in-house, or find one that would enable them to achieve their goals.

We needed a way to simply, accurately, and efficiently ship our products to customers. The shipping software solutions that we evaluated were inflexible, clunky, and did not easily allow us to record the serial numbers for items that we ship to customers

Jeremy Shaffer, ChefSteps

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The Results

Streamlined the shipping operation with guided work instructions

ChefSteps designed and built apps customized to their shipping process. With Tulip, ChefSteps streamlined their workflows while gaining visibility into performance at each step.

Improved traceability

Using IoT connected barcode scanners, label printers, and tablets, ChefSteps tracked products as they moved through their shipping process, giving them a new level of transparency and traceability.

Enabled IT to deliver more results, faster

Tulip helped ChefSteps optimize their shipping procedures, shortening the time it takes to process a shipment and reducing the time between order placement and shipping.

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