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Tulip’s Frontline Operations App Platform has allowed manufacturers to transform their operations with interactive Frontline Operations Apps, device integrations, and powerful analytics. Now, with Factory Kit, you can get started with Tulip's Frontline Operations Apps on your own, within hours of receiving your Factory Kit box.

We’ve made Tulip’s no-code, drag-and-drop Frontline Operations App Platform even more intuitive, so it’s easier to build custom apps. Factory Kit comes with a plug-and-play I/O gateway and a host of devices and sensors, so you can get started on your own without IT or third-party integrators.

Here are 5 Frontline Operations Apps you can customize right out of the box:

1. Digital Poka Yoke

Take the guesswork out of manual operations using integrated sensors and interactive visual work instructions. Tulip’s Light Kit and break beam allow you to light up the correct bins and warn associates if they’re reaching for the wrong parts.

2. 5S

Customize an interactive 5S Process Audit app to perform audits, generate action items, and track compliance to internal lean regulations. Promote engagement and accountability by assigning action items to associates. Track progress and monitor your factory’s 5S health score over time with automatic data collection and analytics.

3. Quality Check

Provide operators with an easy and fast way to identify quality defects with the Quality Event Form app. Provide a visual inventory of defects and let operators select the defect from a touchscreen. Develop analytics and KPIs around the defects over time.

4. Interactive Visual Work Instructions

Guide operators using smart interactive work instructions and ensure they get the job right the first time. Embed images, video, shapes, callouts, and more to create interactive experiences that add real value to operators and guide them to exactly the right step at the right time. Update and deploy changes to processes immediately and collect live data so you can see the improvements in real-time.

5. Digital Andon

Connect your apps to Tulip’s Light Kit and the Factory Kit light stack to light workstations green and red when something goes wrong. Alert management with SMS and e-mail alerts. Trigger alerts at the press of a button, or program events to send alerts automatically.