Enable plug and play IoT.

Tulip I/O Gateway is what makes it possible to connect your devices, machines, and sensors and collect operational data.


I/O Gateway

I/O Gateway is easy to set up and use.

Plug & Play

Easily connect your hardware to Tulip through the Tulip I/O Gateway with the following inputs:

– 16 Digital PNP/NPN configurable inputs
– 8 500mA 24V output drivers
– 4 Linearly isolated 0-10V inputs
– 1 RS-232 port using RX and TX lines
– 6 USB 2.0 (High speed 480 Mbit/s) ports

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Gateway Configuration

Intuitive self-serve configuration

Configure your devices to your I/O Gateway through an easy-to-use interface.

Connect with your apps

Connect devices to your apps using Tulip’s no-code logic editor.

Trigger editor
Operator using touchscreen Tulip app at a bench

Device Library

Explore our growing library of supported devices.

See our device library

Barcode scanners

Provide real-time visual feedback if operators reach to the wrong bins.


Scan-to-light by integrating barcode scanners with Light Kit.


Detect and capture defects in quality inspections.

Smart tools

Provide real-time feedback to ensure your tools are used properly.

Specifications for I/O Gateway

  • Features

    – Reverse polarity protection
    – Over current protection
    – Miswire and reverse current protection
    – Surge protection

  • Voltage supply

    – Nominal supply: 24V (Vin_min: 12V Vin_max: 30V)
    – Nominal supply current: 250mA (dependent on number of USB devices connected)
    – Nominal power consumption: 6W
    – Undervoltage lockout: 11.5V
    – Overvoltage lockout: 30.5V

  • Mechanical specifications

    – 220mm x 160mm x 51mm (8.6in x 6.5in x 2in)
    – Weight: 2.2kg (4.9 lbs)
    – Aluminum (Anodized)
    – Mounting: User serviceable 35mm DIN mount (can be mounted vertically or horizontally)

  • Digital specifications

    Digital input
    – 16 Digital PNP/NPN configurable inputs
    – Wide input range (1.8V – 36V)
    – Digital input ground is connected to device 24V return
    – IC: MCP23017

    Digital ouput
    – 8 500mA 24V output drivers
    – Individual channel over-temperature and over-current protection
    – Drives relays and other inductive loads safely
    – IC: VN808

    Analog to digital
    – 4 linearly isolated 0-10V inputs
    – 10-bit effective resolution
    – Bandwidth (nominal): 240Hz
    – IC: ADS1015

  • Port specifications

    RS-232 port
    – 1 RS-232 port using RX and TX lines
    – Wide input range (1.8V – 36V)
    – Support for additional physical interfaces (RS-485, RS-422)
    – IC: ADM3251

    – 6 USB 2.0 (high speed 480 Mbit/s) ports
    – 500mA current sourcing per port

I/O Gateway super-charges your apps.

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