Enlighten your operations.

Light Kit is a flexible light guide system that enables pick-to-light, place-to-light, and many more applications.


Light Kit with light strips

Light Kit is easy to set up and use.

Plug & Play

Easily connect your hardware to Tulip through the Tulip I/O Gateway.

Light kit setup

Intuitive configuration

Define the bin size, color and behavior of your Light Kit through an intuitive web interface.

Connect with your apps

Use triggers to easily connect Light Kit with the apps you build.

Light Kit trigger

Easily connect with the rest of your IoT

Light Kit does wonders on its own. But the real power comes when you connect it with your other tools and systems.

Break beams

Provide real-time visual feedback if operators reach to the wrong bins.


Scan-to-light by integrating barcode scanners with Light Kit.

Environmental sensors

Change the color of Light Kit according to changes in the environment.

Smart tools

Provide real-time feedback to ensure your tools are used properly.

Specifications for the Tulip Light Kit

  • Voltage supply

    – Rated supply voltage: 5V (Vin_min: 4.8V Vin_max: 5.5V)
    – Rated supply current: 4A (I_max is 0.4A per channel)
    – Nominal power consumption: 5W (2 LED strips fully illuminated)
    – IC: LTC4360

  • LED output

    – 8 Channel outputs
    – RGB Leds
    – LED IC: WS2811

  • Mechanical specifications

    – 160mm x 100mm x 31mm (6.3 in x 4.0 in x 1.2 in)
    – Weight: 280g (0.62 lbs)
    – Aluminum (Anodized)
    – Mounting: 35mm DIN Mount Compatible

Tulip Light Kit easily integrates with the apps you build.

Power up your apps with Light Kit to aid operators in their workflows.  Reduce errors and increase productivity with a customizable and visual tool.

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