Tulip Work Instruction Apps

Work instructions that actually work.

Guide operators through their daily tasks with easy-to-follow paperless instructions so they stay productive, engaged, and accurate.

Improve operator productivity

Help your team do the job right the first time and prevent production errors from happening.

Increase process visibility with data

Paint a detailed view of your work processes with real-time data from your people and machines.

Real-time Kaizen

Provide your team with feasible targets and objective data-driven feedback. Instantly see the impact of your coaching on your operations in real-time.

Work instructions that work with you

Our powerful, intuitive, and fully customizable work instruction apps give your operators exactly what they need to do the job right. Rich media, IoT device integrations, and no-code logic make it easy.

Work instruction app created in Tulip app designer

Improve your work instructions with powerful, easy-to-build manufacturing apps

Easily customize our work instruction app templates to fit your needs or build your own apps from scratch through an intuitive drag and drop interface.

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Detect, solve, and prevent issues faster with real-time data.

With Tulip, you can automatically collect all the metrics you care about, create reports, dashboards and access them in real time, wherever you are.

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Analytics Dashboard
Track step, process and cycle time by product and worker to optimize production.
Monitor process completions in real-time to detect and solve bottlenecks faster.
Measure first pass yield and quality defects by product variety to improve product design

Do it right the first time with shop floor IoT.

Easily program your IoT, machines and systems to perform exactly the way you need them to.

Learn more about shop floor IoT.

Operator using IoT torque driver connected to Tulip at a bench

Light Kit

Error-proof your operations and guide your teams as they perform their tasks.


Connect your break-beams, thermometers, and humidity sensors to detect and solve issues faster.

Smart tools

Connect your tools to the lean apps you build to increase your production visibility and perform faster root cause analysis.

Third-party system data

Bring in and visualize data from other systems and data sources. Have all of your factory data in one easy-to-understand view.

Start your journey with ready to use App Templates.

We’ve built a growing number of work instruction app templates you can use to start driving best practices on your shop floor.

  • Interactive Visual Work Instructions
    Increase operator productivity through IoT enabled interactive work instructions.
  • New Employee Training
    Turn your new hires into experienced workers.
  • New Product Introduction
    Speed-up your time-to-production so you can launch products faster.

Accelerating operations is a team effort.

Collaborate with your team to drive your factory forward.

For Operators

Engages operators to work faster, increase the quality of their output, and receive objective, timely feedback to fulfill their potential.

For Supervisors

Simplify and enforce standard operating procedures, spread tribal knowledge, and collect data that helps improve operations.

For Leadership

Have visibility of operations, provide data-driven feedback to their team, and ensure continuous improvement.

  • There’s an environment that’s constantly changing … people working from home, from offices, around the country. This software, because it’s cloud-based, allows us to form these operations really quickly.
    Engineering Manager, Lightspeed Manufacturing
  • The manual collection of information really wasn't providing enough data for us to make data- driven decisions. On my own, I was able to create apps that really drive process improvements and help increase efficiencies without needing a support team of IT. 
    Senior Process Engineer, Nautique
  • I was quickly able to create apps that improve the quality and efficiency of my operations, without having to write any code.
    Manufacturing Engineer, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • Production has gone up. With the analytics we are able to see the timing per step for each and every part in order to identify the bottleneck and concentrate on that individual step.
    Manufacturing Engineer, Techniplas
  • Operators are excited with this new technology. I was able to design a pretty easy interface to reduce the amount of clicks to input the data on our traditional Material handling system. Training of new operators takes less time. And today we are capable of having real data with real evidence from our process that helps our operators have more visibility of issues and fixes by using Tulip.
    Sr. Process Engineer, Dentsply

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