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Genealogy and Traceability Solutions

Gain end-to-end traceability and forward and backward genealogy

Reduce the burden of compliance and quality management by streamlining data capture throughout the operation.

Laerdal Medical Device
Assembly work instructions

Streamline compliance by combining work instructions and guidance

Capture data in electronic records right-the-first time. Automatically track who, when, and where actions take place, reduce manual data entry, and capture images for documentation.

Connected scale

Reduce errors with automated data capture using edge connectivity

Move from manual data entry to data verification by automating data capture from devices such as scales, sensors, machines, and more. Ensure that the right data is captured at the right time with edge connectivity and logic.

Reduce the burden of compliance and mitigate the impact of quality issues

Increase production visibility and improve quality by creating a digital trail of equipment, actions, and inventory in your operations.

weigh and dispense
  • Improve Root Cause Analysis

    Access to data enables manufacturers to identify and respond to problems faster to minimize their impact.

  • Decrease Rework and Improve Quality

    Include quality checks in specific points of your process to identify defects and error-proof processes

  • Drive Continuous Improvement

    Understand how changes impact your production with end-to-end traceability. Ensure decisions lead to incremental or breakthrough improvements.

Keep a perfect record of your operations

Learn how you can gain end-to-end traceability for products at each step of your operations.

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