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How to Make Traceability Your Competitive Advantage, Not Your Burden

For years, traceability has been considered a burden for many manufacturers.

There is no all-in-one solution, no silver bullet that can solve all traceability problems at once. Manufacturers have to make do with disconnected ERP, MES, and rigid home-grown solutions that take time to implement. It’s inconvenient, hard to manage, and sometimes even costly. Yet, information gathered is often used solely for audits - a significant underutilization of resources.

But product tracing can be more than for compliance's sake. When implemented and used strategically, Traceability can be a catalyst for growth.

With the right approach and tech stack, you can utilize traceability practices to identify the root causes of operational challenges and bring in continuous improvements. It’s time to turn traceability from a checkbox to satisfy audits and quality requirements to a competitive advantage.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why compliance-centric traceability no longer works in manufacturing

  • How a modern approach to traceability can be a competitive advantage

  • How you can start streamlining traceability to make data-driven decisions

  • Success stories of manufacturers utilizing Tulip for traceability


  • Headshot of Kailey Crothers

    Kailey Crothers

    Solutions Engineer, Tulip

  • Screen Shot 2022 09 19 at 10 45 21 AM

    Dan Pomeranz

    Customer Solutions Engineer, Tulip

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