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Taza chocolate manufacturing facility

IT Leaders

Democratize operations technology (OT) and get your weekends back.

  • Self-Service Apps

    Enable other teams to leverage templates and no-code to create and update solutions.

  • Low-Risk Deployment

    Start small and grow with Tulip’s cloud-based platform.

  • Native Analytics and IoT

    Gain full visibility with real-time dashboards. Set up IoT on your own.

  • Proven & Enterprise Ready

    Used by fortune 500 companies and featuring security and governance.

DMG Mori app building

Bridge the gap between OT and IT

Enable engineers closest to operations to own and update solutions with self-service app editing. Shift IIoT and edge technology ownership to OT and free up IT resources for other initiatives. Shift from on-prem to cloud resources.

  • DMG Mori Supervisors reviewing performance metrics

    Equip the Operations Team

    Enable work instructions, unified workflows, and performance metrics.

    Operations Teams
  • Tulip dashboard running on tablet

    Gain Visibility

    Automatically and seamlessly capture data and access it via a centralized, secure location.

    Quality Management Teams
  • Nautique app running on tablet

    Continuous Improvement

    Empower engineers closest to work cells to develop apps to solve localized problems.

    Engineering Teams

Trusted by leading companies

Tulip is trusted by organizations of all sizes

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Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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