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Scale across multiple sites and teams easily.

Partition your Tulip instance to separate apps in multisite deployments while enforcing standardization and sharing common resources across your enterprise.

Scale quickly with multisite capabilities

Deploy to a new site easily with shared resources and ready-made Tulip Library apps. Leverage enterprise-level 3rd-party integrations.

Democratize your facilities

Enable sites to define schedules, and manage apps, tables, machines, and analytics. Standardize time/day formatting and machine attributes across sites.

Share across your organization

Share resources across facilities including connectors, cameras, machine types, machine attributes.

Manage users and data within your Tulip instance

Enable data segregation for your enterprise security. Manage granular permissions and ensure your facilities are set up to succeed.

Translate your apps for different facilities

Multilingual support in apps makes it easy to add translations for apps in the different languages that your team speaks

Scale your operations with Workspaces

See how Workspaces can be used in your operation

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