What is the Enterprise App Exchange?

With the Enterprise App Exchange, you can curate, manage, and share apps between Workspaces within your organization. Applications stored in the App Exchange can be standardized to ensure compliance and improve quality. Organizations can also accelerate app building and speed to value by providing template apps for app builders to customize

Why use an Enterprise App Exchange?

The Enterprise App Exchange enables companies to scale their operations by curating, managing, and sharing apps to standardize best practices or templates to accelerate time-to-value. An account owner can begin by adding an app to the App Exchange where users in other Workspaces can install it. Users in other Workspaces will then be able to use the app in production immediately or customize it further.


An important aspect of the App Exchange is the ability to provide a curated list of apps solving common use cases across your organization. If your Center of Excellence (COE) finds a citizen developer's app helpful for other sites to use, they can standardize it, scale it up, and make it available for the rest of your organization. Some examples of apps any site can use are templates for work instructions, 5S Checklist, and work order tracking apps. Any app builder can take these apps from the Tulip Library, configure them to fit your use case and brand colors, and publish them to the App Exchange. In just a few clicks, these apps can be installed in any Workspace for use.

In regulated industries, consistency is key to streamlining compliance and ensuring all processes are well documented. The App Exchange can reduce the effort required to scale a digital history record app by making the same app available to every site, enforcing eSignatures at any step, and collecting Tulip data from apps, sensors, and machines in the same way. Searching, organizing, and analyzing your data becomes a much simpler task. You'll be able to manage inventory more accurately, identify root causes faster, and gather information efficiently for the next audit.

How do I get started?

Tulip customers interested in Workspaces should inquire with their customer success manager.

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