Your data, all in one place.

Set up a real-time customizable database that fits your unique business processes and lets you easily organize, store, use, and enrich your production data, without writing any code.


Tulip Database Builder Diagram

Production Ready

Integrate all your production data in real-time.


Define custom data models that perfectly fit your processes.


As easy to set up, maintain and use as a spreadsheet.

Tulip Tables

Create, query, and update databases with clicks, not code.

Easy to set up

Customize and maintain your databases as easily as a spreadsheet.

Integrate with Apps

Integrate tables with your Tulip apps and update records automatically.

Connect with Existing Systems

Connect to existing systems and third-party applications.

Tulip analytics dashboard laptop

Integrate all your production data sources in a single place.

Human Data

Automatically collect data from your team and processes.

IoT and Machine Data

Capture data from your IoT, legacy, and smart machines.

Systems Data

Connect with third-party databases, systems, and apps.

Databases that are as rigid or flexible as you need them to be.

Create custom tables that fit your unique your unique business processes and adapt to your evolving production needs.

  • Defect Inventory Table

    Track defects on your line to improve deviation management, collect product genealogy and guide operators through rework loops.

  • Work Order Table

    Access real-time status of a work order and update a table every time the work order passes through a workstation in your facility.

  • Tulip Tables Bill of Materials


    Create tables for the Bill of Materials for your assembly, kitting and shipping operations.

  • Skill Versatility Matrix

    Define which operators are allowed to access certain apps through a table with each operator on your team, and define their permissions across all your apps.

  • Tulip Tables Tool Tracking

    Tool Tracking

    Keep track of your tools as they are used on production with a table that updates its status, monitors use and maintenance.

  • Tulip Tables Material Properties

    Material Properties

    Store material properties on a database and access them across multiple apps.

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