Plug and Play.  It’s that simple.

Connect your machines, sensors, and smart tools to leverage IoT on your shop-floor.



Choose from a growing list of devices.

Fast setup

Connect and interact with devices without having to write any code.

Accuracy and precision

Reduce errors with real-time feedback through connected tools.

Seamlessly connect your devices through Tulip I/O Gateway

Give your operators the tools they need to succeed by connecting sensors and smart devices to your apps.

Trigger editor

Enable IoT and your apps without writing any code.

Use triggers to incorporate your devices as inputs and outputs of your apps.

Connect and monitor your machines.

Directly connect with modern and legacy equipment through modern industrial protocols as well as relay and analog signaling.

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Tulip Machine Monitoring App
Assign machine to station

Easy drag-and-drop configuration.

Configure your devices and stations using a drag-and-drop interface.

Choose the device that best fits your needs.

Choose the device that best fits your needs from a growing supported device library.

Explore our device library

Tulip process on a bench with IoT torque driver


Serialize work with barcodes or RFID integrations to dynamically control your process.


Create apps that adjust based on data from connected scales, calipers, thermometers, and sensors.

Capture images

Operators can instantly record defects by taking images and video with camera integrations.

Identify defects

Integrate powerful machine vision jobs that can identify, localize, and track parts to error-proof work.

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